Demi Lovato To Release New Album September 20

Singer also hints at tour plans and reveals Spanish-language version of 'Skyscraper' during live chat with fans.

Dark days seem to be a thing of the past for [artist id="3079280"]Demi Lovato[/artist]. Just a week after topping the iTunes chart with her power ballad [article id="1667103"]"Skyscraper,"[/article] the 18-year-old Disney starlet appeared ready to get back into the swing of things by catching up with some of her loyal Lovatics during a live chat with fans. On Thursday night, the comeback kid answered a number of questions about her new single and touring plans and made a special announcement regarding her forthcoming album.

"I hope you're screaming and jumping down in your room right now because I'm about to tell you when my album is releasing," a giddy Lovato said from a Los Angeles recording studio, before revealing the September 20 release date.

When asked about details regarding the sound of the project, the singer admitted she's left behind her days of pop rock to focus more on a vibe that will showcase her vocals, as heard on "Skyscraper," adding, "I'm feeling really, really comfortable on what we have so far."

With "about 20-something" new tracks already recorded, it's expected that the teen star will hit the road for a tour to promote the album. Lovato dropped a few sly hints, saying, "If I was to tour, I would announce it soon and maybe, possibly, I'm in the works of putting together a tour. Maybe. And maybe it'll be all around the world. I don't know. I'm just saying."

Lovato also opened up about her [article id="1667271"]Mark Pellington-directed visual for "Skyscraper,"[/article] where she emotionally belts out the tune in a bright desert. "I had to go to that place in my mind that I was in when I recorded the song, so it was very emotional. It was actually a very intimate set. There wasn't very many people there. We took a plane with about 15 people and that was it. We went to the middle of a desert and shot this music video. ... It turns out to be my favorite video I've done and hopefully you guys feel the same."

Like teen counterpart Selena Gomez, Lovato has decided to tap into her heritage by recording a Spanish-language version of her new song "Skyscraper."

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