Tony Yayo Fires Back At 50 Cent: 'I Made' G-Unit

The G-Unit conflict continues after Fif called Yayo one of Troy Ave's 'hype men.'

A day after 50 Cent called Tony Yayo one of Troy Ave's "hype men" and just weeks after likening him to spoiled milk, Yayo has fired back.

"As much bullets I took for G-Unit. My mom's crib shot up almost killed my sis and my niece. Now I'm compared to milk," the rapper wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning (April 16). "I made that brand."

Back in 2007, Yayo's mother's house was blasted with bullets, with a number of his family members inside. "I think they did it to send a message, but we are innocent people," his sister told the New York Daily News at the time. "Either me or my daughter could have been dead."

The incident occurred less than a month after Yayo was arrested for allegedly attacking the 14-year-old son of Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond. Henchman, who managed former G-Unit member Game, had a history of conflict with 50 and the Unit.

Yayo explained the tightness of the crew in an interview with "RapFix Live" in 2010. "If you really dislike 50, then you really dislike Yayo," he said. "Anybody that don't like 50, ain't gonna like Yayo."

Still, in recent months, things appear to have splintered between the longtime friends. In February, the rapper aired the issues out in an Instagram post. "50 ain't rocking with me and Banks the same layed my life down for the unit but you live and learn," Yayo wrote.

Fif came back with some less than kind words for his fellow Queens native the next month. "Some people, they're like milk," he told Power 105 in New York, addressing Lloyd Banks as well. "They have an expiration date and no matter what you do, they'll spoil after a while.

"There may be issues now, but Yayo was singing quite a different tune a year ago, when he spoke with MTV News. "Loyalty is my biggest thing," he said in January 2013. "50 helped all of us eat. We all had mansions; we all had Bentleys; so if Fif is in a bad mood or feels a certain way that day, you just eat that. You learn to judge your friends for who they are."