'The Nightly Show' Compares Money In Politics To 'Shark Tank'

Larry Wilmore dedicated his latest episode to discussing money in politics.

Can a low-funded candidate win an election against a deep-pocketed candidate? If anyone has enough first-hand experience to answer the question, it's Zephyr Teachout, who ran and lost against Andrew Cuomo for the 2014 Democratic Party nomination in a bid to become New York's new governor.

Teachout, who appeared on last night's episode of Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show," told host Larry Wilmore that despite her loss to Cuomo, "it's absolutely possible" for someone without major funding to win an election — but because of how money plays a role in modern politics, it's getting "harder and harder."

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"It's this tiny little squeaky chance," she said, adding that her campaign proved that people are "very hungry" to challenge the use of money in politics. "People want to talk about who has power in this society, why they have power, and whether or not it's democratic."

Beyond Teachout, Wilmore's panel included The David Webb Show host David Webb and comedians Hari Kondabolu and Ted Alexandro, the latter of whom were sympathetic to Teachout's cause. In Wilmore's own words, the need for big money in big elections plays out almost as "a relevant version of 'Shark Tank.'"

What's your take? Let "The Nightly Show" crew know about your stance on money in politics using the hashtag #KeepIt100.

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