Here's The 'Vampire Diaries' Moment That Broke Our Hearts Last Night

Excuse us. We need a moment.

We've said goodbye to a lot of faces -- supernaturals and humans alike -- on "The Vampire Diaries," but its latest death might be the most heartbreaking yet.

On last night's episode (February 12) of "The Vampire Diaries," Liz Forbes succumbed to her cancer and Caroline's heart promptly broke into a thousand pieces. No matter how many times we see Candice Accola's face crumble, it never gets any easier. Watch the sob-worthy scene below at your own risk of drowning in a flood of tears.

While we knew Liz's death was coming -- Caroline's vampire blood only accelerated the growth of her tumor -- that doesn't mean it was easy to let her go. The scene was made even more powerful by Caroline's supernatural ability to get inside her mom’s head during her final moments -- similar to how Damon and Rose shared that final, beautiful scene in her memories before she died from that nasty werewolf bite.

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Caroline Cries Hold On, '

Caroline decided to go back to the memory of her mom teaching her how to ride a bike, because what could be more heartbreaking than that? In dialogue that mirrored the tragic moment at hand, little Caroline told her mother, “Don’t let go. I’m not ready.” And as Liz let go of the bike, she told her daughter, “Yes you are.” Brb, sobbing forever.

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Caroline Cries Please Don'

Losing Liz will not only affect the dynamic of the series -- after all, she died of an extremely human disease -- but it's going to have a profound affect on Caroline and surprisingly, Damon. As Liz's best friend and confidant, the big bad vampire will struggle with the sheriff's passing in unexpected ways, especially as he attempts to write her eulogy in next week's episode ("Let Her Go"). In other words, bring on the sobs.

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Caroline Cries on '

RIP Liz Forbes. You were the most exceptionally ordinary of the bunch, and we're going to miss you terribly.