Earl Sweatshirt Impersonates Joe Budden And His Beard In 'Loiter Squad' Trailer

Odd Future poke fun at the 'Love & Hip Hop' star in new season of 'Loiter Squad.'

Another season of Odd Future's Adult Swim show, "Loiter Squad," premieres on May 15, and it looks like Earl Sweatshirt's impersonation of Joe Budden will be a big highlight of the new episodes.

OF debuted a trailer for the season this weekend, and it leads with a "Love & Hip Hop" parody that specifically aims at Joe Budden.

Earl Sweatshirt goes bald and gets his beard done up to look like the Slaughterhouse rapper, in an effort to make it authentic. Joe's relationship trouble on the show is the obvious target for a spoof, but this is Odd Future we're talking about, so obviously things went a bit left.

Joe heads to see his lawyer for an update on his pending divorce, only to find out that it's not his wife who wants to separate -- it's actually his beard. Naturally, Earl's reaction is hilarious.

"So I'm just left with ass out," he tells the confessional camera. "Like my ass is out in the wind. I'm on a canyon with my ass and d--- out."

Hopefully Joe Budden finds the humor in this. Watch the full trailer above.

"Loiter Squad" premieres May 15 on Adult Swim.