Don’t Apologize — Watch The Full Post-9/11 Video Trump Doesn’t Want You To See

The GOP candidate shared a misleading video to "prove" his point. Don't believe him.

Donald Trump seems to have taken a page from Carly Fiorina’s playbook and shared a deceptively-edited video in order to "prove" something that is objectively untrue -- that is, that "thousands and thousands" of people celebrated 9/11 in New Jersey.

On Tuesday (Dec. 1) morning, Trump tweeted an 11-second video clip from 2001 in which radio host Curtis Sliwa mentions "people celebrating, cheering when they had actually heard the World Trade Center had [been] struck, and, more importantly, continuing to cheer when they heard that the World Trade Center -- both towers -- had been imploded."

Trump also included a request for apologies on behalf of those who've questioned him.

The problem? Sliwa isn't describing something he personally witnessed. He's talking about various people who called into his show to talk about what they allegedly saw.

On Tuesday afternoon Sliwa told MTV News that on the day in question about six calls came into his radio show over the course of half an hour from listeners in their cars, describing what appeared to be celebrations in Paterson, N.J.

"It was just a dozen teenagers," Sliwa said. "Quickly the adults came out, they disciplined them, they took them back into their homes. There was no repetition, no continuation thereafter."

As such, Sliwa added, "Donald Trump couldn't be more hopelessly wrong. And then what he did to the video from MTV by editing it did a tremendous disservice. To try to give him cover, the lie just became worse."

Sliwa also refuted Trump via Twitter earlier Tuesday, saying "callers said they saw 12 teens celebrating in Paterson" and that he has "been consistent all along in saying it was a small group."

"You’re gonna have to apologize to me,” Sliwa said in reference to Trump during his radio show on Tuesday. Not a good look when your own source contradicts you.

The video clip itself comes from a 2001 MTV broadcast, which, if Trump had bothered to share in its entirety, would have quickly revealed such claims to be bunk.

As we previously wrote, rumors of celebrations in New Jersey on 9/11 are likely linked to accounts of a handful of kids making noise in the streets. Again, not "thousands and thousands" of people. Kids being loud.

Many, many outlets — MTV included — have investigated Trump’s claim, and found absolutely no hard evidence to support it. None. At this point Trump's childish demands for apologies are either disingenuous or delusional -- neither of which is acceptable from someone angling to become President of the United States.

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