30 Seconds To Mars Call 'Hurricane' Video 'Surrealistic Nightmare Dream-Fantasy'

'It's a really ambitious, really cinematic short film,' says frontman Jared Leto.

There has been no shortage of adjectives used to describe [artist id="1231235"]30 Seconds To Mars[/artist]' upcoming "Hurricane" video, including [article id="1647807"]"sexual"[/article], [article id="1648773"]"ambitious"[/article], [article id="1649599"]"shirtless"[/article] and, strangely enough, [article id="1650014"]"wacky"[/article]. So naturally, when VH1 cornered frontman Jared Leto on the set of the clip and asked him to explain the concept behind it, he went into adjective overdrive.

But you really can't blame him. After all, at this point, there seems to be no other way to adequately describe the thing.

"It's a surrealistic nightmare dream-fantasy through the desolate empty streets of New York City at night," Leto said. "There's no people, there's no cars and you see the band as we encounter some fears and some fetishes, a series of challenges. ... It's a really ambitious, really cinematic short film."

And though "Hurricane" is primarily an exploration of his bandmates' deepest, darkest desires, Leto is quick to point out that New York itself plays a rather sizeable role in the video, too. In some ways, it's a rather twisted love letter to a city he loves.

"We have, probably, 10 different locations over these two-and-a-half days that we're shooting," he said. "We shot at Central Park earlier today, yesterday we were downtown, we were shooting on a street called Chambers Street, really beautiful, turn-of-the-century buildings, the day before that we were in some alleys ...

"Shooting in New York is an amazing experience; you have everything from simple things like the cobblestone on the streets to magical things like the people, personalities, the individuals," he continued. "I love the history here and it's been a city for me that's always been about finding your dreams."

And though "Hurricane" is about as adjective-heavy as you can get, Leto isn't concerned about being overwhelmed by his own ambitions. Fitting them all into a rather hectic shoot schedule, on the other hand, is a different matter altogether.

"I think the biggest challenge for me will be time," he said. "You have so many things you want to do and you're so excited about doing them.

... They say it's not the time it takes to do the takes, it's the time between the takes that takes the time."

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