Would You Take A College Course Taught By Bun B? Here's How

That's 'Professor' Bun B to you.

Bun B is breaking one of the old-school rules of the streets for a great cause: higher learning.

Despite the fact that it’s long been an urban adage that “the game is to be sold and not told,” the Professor of Trill is offering up his 20-plus years of experience in the rap game in a free “Religion and Hip-Hop Culture” course.

The class, which is an extension of the popular curriculum taught by the UGK legend and Religious Studies Professor Anthony Pinn at Rice University, will be offered online through the school’s Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship and edX.

“Religion has played a profound role in the development of human civilization,” Bun said. “Whether one celebrates or laments this fact, it is useless to deny the ways in which religion has marked human communities across the globe and throughout the century.“

“This class, Religion and Hip-Hop Culture, offers an opportunity to explore the connections between religion and hip hop in ways that open us to seeing our world differently, to understanding anew how humans express in creative and compelling ways their answers to the large questions of existence, as well as the more ordinary challenges and joys of life,” he added.

The six-week course will explore the intersection of religion and hip-hop through a unique mix of readings, images, music, videos, stories and behind-the-scenes insider perspectives.

“This course gave me the opportunity to let people see a side of hip-hop that isn’t always discussed,” Bun said. “We’ve started a conversation that cannot end until people have a better understanding of who we are and what we do.”

If you’re interested in tapping into a new way of thinking about hip-hop and religion as cultures that wrestle with critical questions of our existence, enroll here.