Sebastian Bach, Joey Ramone And Lemmy Let Their Hair Down

August 11 [14:00 EDT] -- Sebastian Bach, Joey Ramone and Motörhead's Lemmy all have roles in a movie called "Final Rinse" which starts shooting today in New York City.

It's a sick amusing indie," Ramone told MTV News, adding he only recently met the producers, a company called Polyvinyl Films, headed up by Robert D. Tucker and Arthur Schurr.

Ramone's current pet project, The Independents, appears on the soundtrack.

According to Bach, the movie is about "a bald psycho guy who murders long haired rockers.

I'll give you a hint," 'Baz' writes on his website, "I don't play the bald guy.

Meanwhile, Bach told MTV that his estranged band, Skid Row, has asked him back, but that the communication was through his lawyer and he's not going to accept until the invitation is "delivered in person with a pizza and a case of beer.

Skid Row has officially been on hiatus as the members work on other projects, but rumors have been flying that the boys

were auditioning new singers.

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