'Riverdale' Picks The Cast Member Most Likely To Fake Their Own Death

Plus, who's most likely to break character, sneak out at night and steal wardrobe

It's a tradition across most high schools for the upperclassmen to award one another superlative awards — most likely to succeed, class clown, so on and so forth. When the cast of The CW's Riverdale, the ultimate high school show, visited MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con, of course we couldn't stick to the classics.

Instead, Josh Horowitz found out who was most likely to be late to set (Cami Mendes, who insisted that "if you wanted me to be there at 6:00, say 5:45), sneak out at night (also Mendes), and spoil plot points from the show (Apa, who after protesting his new award, admitted, "Have I done it? Yes.").

Possibly most revealing, however, was the unanimous answer to who was most likely to fake their own death: Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl, the River Vixen who helped her on-screen brother fake his own death. (Eventually resulting in his actual death, but who's keeping track?)

"Hundred percent, would do," Petsch said.

"And she'd text us, like, 'I just died, oh noooo,'" Casey Cott added.

Cole Sprouse went so far as to add a revenge plot, saying she'd ask, "You guys didn't show up to my funeral, just wondering what's up with that."

Riverdale season two premieres October 11.

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