Star Spotting: Start Your Weekend Off Right With DMX On A Horse (PHOTO)

DMX is seriously redefining the term "Ruff Ryders" right now.

After following DMX for more than a decade, the only thing we can really expect from the hardcore rapper is the unexpected. Sometimes he scare us (in a good way) with jams like "What's My Name" and "I Don't Dance" and dissing other rhymers (sorry, Drake), and then other times he disarms us by acting incredibly cuddly and approachable. After all, how many AGGRO dudes do you know who can sing "Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer" with such unbridled -- LOL PUN -- glee? The above picture definitely falls in the latter category, because we had NO idea that gangstas rode horses. Was that a summer camp we missed? We want to go there!

The Ruff Ryder (quite literally here) snapped the photo and uploaded it to Instagram with no caption, but really, NONE is needed. When an intimating New York rapper uploads a photo of himself chucking up deuces on a horse, nothing else matters -- it only needs to be viewed and adored. We can't even imagine what a caption would be for such a pic. Maybe something like, "I RIDE STALLIONS, GET ON MY LEVEL. RGGGGGH." (That last part was him growling, FYI.) But we're totally on board with the captionless route -- because that expression says FAR more than words ever could.

Photo credit: @DMX

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