Taylor Swift Literally Lights Up The NYC Skyline With 'Blank Space'

The Empire State Building goes hard for the '1989' fan favorite.

Taylor Swift capped off what was easily the most anticipated album release of 2014 with a 30-minute concert atop a rooftop in New York City, surrounded by some of the world's most iconic skyscrapers.

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One of them, the Empire State Building, actually lit up in sync with her set. I would've settled for the original Shea Stadium apple that slowly cranked its way out of a top hat every time the Mets hit a home run, but, then again, I don't have Taylor's projected first-week sales numbers to celebrate, so...

[image src="wp-attachment://1977783" title="taylor-swift-empire-state-building" alt="taylor-swift-empire-state-building"]

The 1989 Secret Session With iHeartRadio, streamed live on Monday (October 27) via Yahoo! Music, saw the "Shake It Off" singer performing a five-song set of her new material for a select group of audience members, each handpicked #taylurked by Taylor herself.

Opening with the very appropriate "Welcome To New York," and a brief disclaimer that she has "no chill," the 24-year-old then sang "Out Of The Woods" and "Style."

[image src="wp-attachment://1980376" title="taylor-7" alt="taylor-7"]

For her fourth song, Taylor whipped out "Blank Space," a satirical track she co-wrote with Max Martin and Shellback in which she tries to reclaim the media narrative surrounding her personal life -- you know, that she's "needy" and "clingy" yet "can't make them stay."

"Although [the character the media created] may be fictional, it's actually sort of interesting," she told the crowd. In case you're 1989-deficient, listen to "Blank Space" below.

After thanking her army of Swifties ("You guys have been the most amazing factor in my entire life."), Taylor closed with -- what else -- "Shake It Off."

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