'Scream' Bombshell: The Secret Emma's Mother Was Hiding Just Changed EVERYTHING

Seriously, Mrs. Duval?

We had a sinking feeling that Emma's mom was hiding something on "Scream." But holy jeez, we never expected THIS.

Just two weeks ago, Mrs. Duval had finally opened up to Emma about her connection to Brandon James: According to Maggie, she had forged a childhood bond with the future serial killer and continued their friendship throughout her teenage years. On the show's latest episode, however, Em discovered the duo's relationship wasn't exactly innocent.

After winding up in the hospital due to exhaustion and serious stress -- hell, she'd just watched Will get cut in half -- the teen received a surprise visit from her MIA father. His presence managed to trigger a slew of emotions along with a memory or two: Later that night, Emma recounted the long-ago evening when she heard her parents arguing in the living room and ultimately breaking up.

"How could you keep that from me?" Mr. Duval had asked.

"Having the baby was my decision," Maggie said as the feud escalated -- until Emma's dad walked out for good.

With the memory unearthed, Emma bolted out into the hospital hallway to find her father.

"I remember now," she told him. "The fight that you had the night you left -- it was because you didn't want me."

"No," he said somberly. "I wasn't talking about you. Look around -- you know the truth. Think about it."

And think about it she did.

Texting Audrey, the sleuth-like teen asked her pal to send the video they'd taken during that, um, memorable visit to the abandoned hospital. She then watched it intently, paying close attention to the x-rays that had been displayed and focusing on one: an ultrasound showing an in utero fetus. Suddenly, Emma put all the pieces together.

"Mom, whose ultrasound is this?" she asked Maggie after summoning her to the hospital.

And with that, Mrs. Duval finally came clean.

"I didn't leave town [after the murders] because of the press," Maggie said, admitting that, instead, she was pregnant. "I had the baby and gave it up for adoption. I didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl."

Eventually, she explained, she and her family returned to Lakewood, where Maggie reconnected with Emma's dad.

"But he wasn't the [baby's] father," Emma whispered.

And that's when Maggie dropped the biggest bombshell of all: She'd become pregnant after a liaison that occurred the night she had a fight with Emma's dad at the local bowling alley. You know, the bowling alley where Brandon James worked.

You totally know where this is going, right?

"[Brandon] heard me crying outside, and he drove me home," Maggie said through tears. "I was so hurt and angry, and he was so kind. It just happened."

So there you have it: Emma's mother had Brandon James' baby. And, just as so many questions were finally answered, infinite new ones arose. Emma, in fact, asked the most pressing.

"The killer wanted me to find [the sonogram], so somebody knows," she said. "What if the child you gave up is back?"

Oh, don't mind that sound you heard -- it was just us as we lost our you-know-what.

Tell us: Were you shocked by Maggie's revelation? And do you think her firstborn really is back -- and maybe even killing people in Lakewood? And most importantly, WHO IS IT? Share your theories in the comments section, then tune in to a new episode of "Scream" Tuesday at 10/9c!

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