Christina Aguilera Brings New Songs, Classic Hits To 'Today' Show

'I was completely inspired by a lot of electronica music when my son was born,' she says of 'Bionic.'

Fresh off her [article id="1640891"]Bionic medley at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards[/article], [artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] continued her promotional blitz for the new album Tuesday morning (June 8) by performing a mini-concert on the "Today" show. The pop star treated fans to a five-song set, including cuts from her new album and some older Xtina classics.

With a slight breeze and summer sun in full effect, the always fashionable diva strutted a catwalk set up in Rockefeller Center during show rehearsals. Even though the crowd wasn't as outrageous as those who [article id="1640753"]trekked across states for Justin Bieber[/article], Aguilera did have her share of devotees waiting in Rockefeller Plaza as early as midnight. The songstress made sure to recognize their devotion by happily signing autographs and taking pictures with fans in between her rehearsals.

"I was completely inspired by a lot of electronica music when my son was born and we both were listening to it a lot together," she told "Today" host Matt Lauer about her new album. "You know, having a child makes you think of the future and the next generation, and I got really inspired by electronica, which is so no-holds-barred with its sound and technology, and I wanted to really experiment with that. He definitely inspired a very playful side of me that I didn't have prior to having him. He really inspired this album ... and got me really in touch with my original pop roots of a decade ago, so it's been really fun."

To start her mini-concert, the singer got the audience rowdy with the aggressive opening number "Fighter." A flicker of camera flashes lit up the center of the catwalk, as Xtina led her dancers into a sea of fans. She continued with the M.I.A.-esque "Bionic," while the singer's eight backup dancers performed a slick and quirky routine. The momentum only continued with current single "Not Myself Tonight," during which Aguilera joined in on a few dance moves.

The songstress never fails to deliver ballads, so it was no surprise that her next number was her 2002 hit single "Beautiful." But while she usually takes advantage of her high notes, she also showcased her vocal versatility on the final song: the Sia-penned ballad "You Lost Me." The singer brought a subtle and gentle ambience to her set as she delicately delivered the tender ballad. Unfortunately for television viewers, the entire performance was not aired.

In addition to the release of her album, the singer spoke about the completion of [article id="1638733"]her first movie, "Burlesque,"[/article] which hits theaters in November.

"It was an incredible experience," she said. "I grew and learned so much. I had such great people to absorb from: Cher, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell was hilarious and funny and just made me feel so comfortable and supportive. It's going to be a really, really fun movie come this November."

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