The 11 Best Zombie Makeup Tutorials For Your 'Walking Dead' Costume

From the minute we wake up from our slumber to the moment we crawl back into our crypts at the end of the day, we think about Halloween. Maybe it's because it's the one holiday that encourages you to dress up, try on different looks based on mood, and generally express yourself and your personal style through the use of fashion, beauty and copious amounts of fake blood. What's not to love?

We've been giving a lot of thought to what to be this year, and naturally, with the season premiere of The Walking Dead kicking off last night, we're big into zombies right now. Just in case you too have the undead on the brain (pun unintended), we're sharing the findings of our zombie makeup tutorial k-hole. Because, TBH, when *aren't* zombies a great Halloween costume? Here's some of the best how-tos from around the web.

1. This video of zombie makeup tips from The Walking Dead

This is actually a video from the guys behind The Walking Dead, so you know it's gonna be good. Who knew that a little bit of oatmeal could provide "dirty, rotten skin"? Oatmeal: It's not just for breakfast anymore. More makeup tips from the team at AMC can be found here.

2. This Warm Bodies-inspired "R" tutorial

Michelle Phan gives us a handsomer zombie alternative in this makeup-based tutorial.

3. This fan-made Walking Dead makeup tutorial


Instructables - Walking Dead Makeup

Instructables saves the day with a handy step-by-step to achieving that ~flesh-eater~ look.

4. This pretty perfect zombie tutorial

Giving your three closest friends realistic fake wounds to simulate being shot with a shotgun, an exploding face and being nearly decapitated? Sounds like an ideal night in for us. The best part of this video is that it's fairly short and straight to the point.

5. This Billy Butcherson from Hocus Pocus zombie tutorial


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6. This nail-biting zombie tutorial


Imgur Zombie Makeup Tutorial

The end product of this Freakmo tutorial is pretty terrifying looking, but using acrylic nails as fake teeth? Genius.

7. This "Living Dead Girl" pinup zombie tutorial

She's not just a zombie, she's a music video girl!

8. This DIY on how to make your wounds last hours


Wired Zombie Makeup Tutorial

There's a few things that we like about this primer from the guys at Wired and Krylon: 1.) the guy they have as the model is kind of a babe, and 2.) they make a point to address subtle details that really elevate the look, like applying a little white to the temples and using a blackening tooth enamel on your otherwise pearly whites. We personally recommend using the Tooth F-X Special Effects Tooth Paint from Mehron ($8.95), because it lasts and it faintly tastes of mint. Thank us later.

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9. This ripped nail tutorial

Also overlooked? Neat nailbeds. No self-respecting zombie would.

10. This "Gorgeous" zombie makeup tutorial

We're fully enjoying the irony of watching a tutorial on how to be a better zombie from the folks at Become Gorgeous, but this might be one of the better tutorials we've seen on how to mimic an empty eye-socket.

11. The easiest zombie makeup tutorial ever

A corpse bride for all seasons.