Britney Working On 'Crazy-Ass' New Music And Even Rapping

Collaborators say pregnant pop star is still 'very much into her music.'

Britney Spears has a new arrival on the way -- no, not that one. She's been working on a new album, and from what one of her collaborators has to say about it, she's so dedicated she's practically working every day on it, despite the demands of motherhood.

"She's been a mother and she'll still be doing that, but she's very much into her music," said producer Jonathan "J.R." Rotem (50 Cent, Destiny's Child).

Still, it's early on in the process, according to the singer's rep -- Spears said she was just writing music and "meeting with different people to work on the album" when she talked to the U.K. version of Glamour for its June cover story. But because she has a home studio, not only does she have the benefit of working "at home in my sweatpants," she also can work whenever the mood strikes her -- as can her husband, Kevin Federline, who's also working with Rotem ("America's Most Hated" was one of their creations; see [article id="1527947"]"Thomas Dolby Won't Turn Blind Eye To Kevin Federline Sample"[/article]).

"He played me some stuff that sounded a lot hotter than what most people would think," Rotem said of K-Fed. "Right off the bat, you're at a disadvantage being a white rapper. And being a white rapper who's Britney Spears' husband? You're tackling credibility issues. He's aware of that, but he's really putting his heart and soul into the project. People were suspicious, but when they heard the song, they were like, 'He sounds good on it. Let's see where he takes us.' "

But where will Britney take us? One of the singer's other collaborators, Sean Garrett (Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole), said that on the three tracks they did together, they tried to do "some real crazy-ass stuff that the world is going to love." Rotem translates that to mean her songs will really connect with people, and will make them say, "'Hmmm, I haven't heard Britney say things like that before" (see [article id="1524509"]"Britney Spears Working On New Album To Boost 'Boring' Pop Scene"[/article]).

He said her writing so far reflects where she's at in her life, and like her husband, she's got a song about the attention she gets for just going out of the house. "She literally can't go anywhere without her privacy being invaded," Rotem said. "Everybody is trying to get information. So the record we wrote, it addresses the 'who do you trust' kind of thing."

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Rotem said she also has up-tempo club songs "like in the vein of [Rihanna's] 'S.O.S.' " as well as relationship songs "and everything in between." She even raps a bit ("Not rap rap, but talk rap," Rotem clarified).

"It's definitely Britney, but the next level," the producer said. "With songs like 'Toxic,' she was very innovative, and we're trying to top it. Push it to the next thing."

But won't it also be pushed to the next year -- what with her second pregnancy (see [article id="1531439"]"Britney Pregnant Again"[/article])? Spears' rep stressed that nothing had been scheduled as far as a release date is concerned, so the singer can take her time. And Rotem said that for now, Spears plans to do "a bunch of work" and then take a break and resume.

"The album wouldn't come out in a while anyhow, since it's at the very beginning," he explained. "When it comes time to promote the album, she'll be in a different headspace where that's going to be the main thing. But right now, she's happy juggling music and motherhood."

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