'Pan' Cast Reveals What Really Goes Into Those Awesome Flying Scenes

It's a little more complicated than thinking happy thoughts.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Every little kid dreams of flying one day -- but for Levi Miller, who plays the title character in "Pan," that dream became a reality.

The leader of the Lost Boys spoke to MTV News at a recent press junket, along with Rooney Mara (Tiger Lily) and Garrett Hedlund (James Hook), about what it's like to take to the skies -- with the help of the movie's brilliant special effects crew, of course. You'd be amazed to learn that it's actually a huge ab work out.

"It's lots of fun. It's difficult," Miller said of all the stunts he had to do while on set. "I had to work on my core, having to keep myself up."

There are also different methods used to make actors fly, and Miller definitely has a favorite.

"The fun way of flying was on a robotic arm. That was a really smooth journey. That was fun," said.

Hedlund, who stays on the ground for the movie, isn't jealous of Miller's . "I've never gotten to fly, but I know that it entails a lot of talcum powder," he admitted. "The harnesses are quite unforgiving... I'd look up there and you just see Levi like... [makes a face]"

Still, could be worse. At least the crocodile can't chase him up there in the air, right?

peter pan crocodile

"Pan" flies into theaters Friday October 9.