Big Sean's Plan For His Woodie Proves He's The Ultimate Mama's Boy (And Will Make You Uncomfortable)

Gotta love that motherly love.

Spoiler alert: Big Sean won't be walking away with a Woodie this Friday, when the annual awards show airs on MTV at 9 p.m. ET from Austin, Texas.

But he will be performing, and that performance has him thinking about what he would do if he did have a Woodie.

"If I had a Woodie right now, I'd say I'd give it to somebody I love," Sean told MTV News, playing up the name of the award. "Hey, maybe even give it to my mom. 'Hey, mom, here's my first Woodie. I know you'll enjoy it.'"

And he wrapped it up with a wink, obviously.

Sure, when you think about the innuendo inherent in the name of the award -- and the fact that he'd give it to his mom -- it's a little awkward. But, really, this is nothing new for Sean Don. He's long been open about his love for Mama Myra.

"Yeah, I'm a mama's boy, you see," the Detroit native told TMZ earlier this month while sitting next to Mrs. Anderson in the backseat of a car. "We go a lot of places [together]. She been to Australia, Africa, Dubai."

And then, after she told the cameras that Sean's girlfriend, Ariana Grande, is "fabulous," the Dark Sky Paradise MC lovingly joked, "Mama love spilling the beans, boy."

Jokes aside, he's sincere about his love and what she's taught him.

“She was my first fan," he said in October. "Since I was 12 years old she was paying for my studio sessions."

“Honestly she forced me to be charitable," he added. "I used to have to give my clothes to the Salvation Army. And when I got in a position to really start giving back to the community and to my city she told me how important it was and showed me how important it was to start my [The Sean Anderson] foundation.”

And then, of course, there are the multitude of lyrical references in his rhymes, including on his newest hit, "Blessings."

"I pay Mom mortgage and electric," he boasts.

That's probably a better gift than his, uh, Woodie, anyway.

Catch Sean performing at the Woodies, which air live on MTV this Friday, March 20 at 9 p.m. ET

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