Kanye West Is Steve Jobs, 'Pac, 'The Nucleus': See EVERYTHING He Calls Himself Here!

MTV News gathers all the names he compares himself to in the BBC interviews.

Kanye West has spent much of 2013 reinventing himself as a

If anything, West has only added to his legacy of largesse this year, at least when it comes to outrageous, over-the-top boasts (or [article id="1714507"]"Ye-isms"[/article]) and eye-opening analogies. Whether he was launching into [article id="1707444"]onstage tirades[/article], speaking to The New York Times, or rapping on record, Kanye has dropped more bon mots than we can even count ... though we're going to try.

Inspired by his latest, and perhaps greatest interview, we've compiled a list of everything (and everyone) Kanye has compared himself to in 2013. It's probably not comprehensive -- keeping up with his ego requires a full-time staff -- but it's pretty close. Looking over this list, one thing's for certain: though his music may be stripped down, Kanye the man still contains multitudes.

» A Black New-Wave Artist

» A God

» A King

» A Minimalist (in a Rapper's Body)

» A Professional Creative

» A Rap-tholic Priest

» A Very Commercial Celebrity Boyfriend

» A Wolf

» A World Builder

» An Architect

» Deepak Chopra

» Jerome from "Martin"

» No Motherf---in' Celebrity

» 'Pac

» Picasso

» Steve of Internet

» Steve Jobs

» The 35-Year-Old 5-Year-Old

» The Anchor

» The Anti-Celebrity

» The Glitch

» The Michael Jordan of Music

» The Most Powerful Voice in Media

» The New Shabba

» The Nucleus

» The Number-One Rock Star on the Planet

» The Worst Kind of Celebrity

» Warhol

» Walt Disney

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