Molly Tarlov Is Remembering Her Most Awkward Fan Encounter Ever

Stardom isn't everything it's chalked up to be

Now that sounds a little awkward.

Molly Tarlov is making a special appearance on this week's Greatest Party Story Ever and recounting the uncomfortable moment she realized "not everything is about me."

Up until that fateful occasion, however, everything was: In the sneak peek, below, Molly (with her pal Kelsey by her side) blissfully reminisces about all the times she was recognized as the star of MTV's Awkward when the show first began. Then came the day she and Kelsey stopped at a fro-yo shop; behind the counter was a young lady who clearly recognized Molly but became so star-struck, she had trouble approaching her.

So how did the woman who gave life to Palos Hills' HBIC Sadie Saxton react? Watch the clip to find out -- and to discover what actually happened when the "fan" finally found the gumption to walk over and greet the woman she most definitely recognized, catch Greatest Party Story Ever Thursday at 11/10c!

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