Watch Anna Kendrick Win Her Lip Sync Battle On A J-Lo Technicality

It's all about the booty.

On last night's (April 16) "Lip Sync Battle," Anna Kendrick demonstrated the art of lip sync domination in two easy steps. It goes like this:

1. Perform song.

2. At last moment, be joined onstage by Jennifer Lopez in a super-fierce bodycon dress.

And let's be honest, step one is probably optional.

A surprise cameo appearance by J-Lo was all it took to push Anna's lip-sync performance of "Booty" into championship territory. And competitor John Krasinski -- who really thought he had it in the bag after doing a phenomenal Tina Turner impression in a silver sequined dress -- was stunned at the late-game loss.

Sorry, John. As it turns out, bringing J-Lo out for a song about butts is the lip-sync battle equivalent of showing up to a gunfight in an armored tank with lasers on top.

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