Why Is 'Teen Wolf''s Theo Suddenly Playing Mr. Nice Guy?

Well, if you call slaughtering a supernatural hybrid 'nice.'

Could it be? The enemy might not be the enemy after all.

On tonight's episode of "Teen Wolf," Stiles almost bit the bullet again courtesy of another Dread Doctor-created chimera. (Are we sensing a pattern here?) Shockingly, it was Theo who saved his ass -- yes, that Theo -- from the blood-thirsty supernatural hybrid, Josh.


Talk about right-place-right-time stuff on Theo's end, seeing as Stiles was too busy battling a disturbing childhood flashback to defend himself. (How tragic was that, BTW? Poor guy.) Now the really weird part comes right after the lone lycanthrope slashed Josh's neck -- the crazed Dread Doctor minion all but begged Stiles not to say anything. He even said please. Why the nice guy act all of a sudden, Theo? Are the murderous Dreads employing you against your will? Are you actually on Scott & Co.'s side? DO YOU HAVE A SECRET CRUSH ON STILES?

Just kidding about that last bit. Sorta. When Malia's beau tried to get the same answer, Theo retorted, "Because I never said anything about Donovan." *cue haunting blackmail music*

It seems the Dreads like to call the shots, so they likely wouldn't be too thrilled to find that both Stiles and Theo are secretly offing their science experiments. What do you think is up with Theo? Comment with your Theo-ries, and catch an all-new episode next Monday at 10/9c.

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