7 Times TV Characters Were Miraculously Revived

No character death is safe

Do we really even need to warn you about the spoilers here? Yes? OK, consider yourself adequately warned now.

When it comes to TV shows, some rules are made to be broken. That’s never more true than when a fan-favorite character dies, launching the inevitable viewer meltdown and clickbait brigade, and is then quickly revived to scrub the gaping hole their actual absence might have left in the series -- or at least prevent the [insert character name here] faithful from exiting left once and for all.

Sometimes, it’s part and parcel with the theme of a show and totally works. Other times, it’s kind of a disaster. Here are some of the fake-out moments that left us fuming.

Jon Snow on Game of Thrones


Jon Snow Wakes up

For the better part of a year, the proverbial question mark left looming over Jon Snow’s stabbed-dead-but-maybe-not-actually-dead corpse at the end of Game of Thrones’s fifth season has been a major source of anxiety for a lot of viewers. Now we have our final answer: JON SNOW LIVES. Happy now?

Whether you’re one of those who broke out in a Tyrion Lannister-approved celebration dance or not, you have to admit the whole thing was a little bit eye-rolly overall because Jon Snow's fate was essentially the worst-kept secret in the history of everything.

Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead


Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead

There’s some strong evidence to suggest Glenn Rhee will be on the receiving end of Negan’s Lucille season-ending swing session when fall rolls along, but after the show cried wolf last time,

it’s still hard to believe they’ll actually pull the trigger on his death. He, like Jon Snow, seems virtually un-killable.

Brian on Family Guy


Brian dies on Family Guy

In an obvious effort to rile up viewers, Family Guy killed off its most identifiable and sensible character, Brian the Dog, in a street hockey roadkill scene. And when the Griffins brought in a new dog, Vinny, it seemed like real deal … but of course, just a couple of episodes later, Stewie was able to Christmas wish him back into life again.

Literally everyone on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

Jeremy Gilbert The Vampire Diaries

Game of Thrones isn’t the only show to use convenient episodes of supreme witchcraft to raise the dead. We lost count of how many times Jeremy had to use his trusty Mulligan ring, and how many seasons was Alaric a ghost for before being revived by Bonnie Bennett? It’s hard to even get a little bit sad when characters die on this show because literally all bets are off, what with all the vampire hibernation/Other Side/Phoenix Stone/spell-based revival business afoot.

Eric Northman in True Blood


True Blood Eric Northman burns season 7

At the tail end of Season 6, we were left with an image of Eric Northman in the buff, sunbathing in the Swedish snow whilst casually reading a book. He then exploded into an imminent True Death ball of flames because his daywalker card had been revoked without his knowledge. Whoops. But of course, Pam found him alive and, well, not exactly well, but still alive in Morocco.

Juliet on Lost


Juliet dies on Lost

Homegirl survived an H-bomb explosion. AN ACTUAL EXPLOSION. Not for long, mind you, but juuuust long enough to be brought up from the hole (in which she’d also been impaled by multiple metal objects) and die in Sawyer’s arms for the obligatory sweet goodbye scene. Nope. Nope nope nope.

Mulder on X-Files


Mulder dies in XFiles

Mulder died for a full three months, with a funeral and everything, before being mystically resurrected. Ugh, why.

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