This Girl Posts A Smiling Auschwitz Selfie, Then Responds To Backlash With 'I'm Famous Yall'

Breanna Mitchell catches heat for her inappropriate photo and continues to lash out at commenters.

We all do stupid sh*t. It's best just to admit when you make a mistake, apologize if necessary, learn from it and try really hard not to make the same choice again. What you don't do is intentionally antagonize a bunch of pissed-off online haters.

Early yesterday morning, Breanna Mitchell (aka @PrincessBMM) tweeted her smiling selfie from the Auschwitz concentration camp. You know, the place where Nazis tortured and murdered over one million people. By the time she realized her error in judgement and took it down, the photo had already been retweeted over 3,000 times. However, instead of apologizing and letting the issue drop, she battled back against her critics -- even threatening to kill one if he "didn't live in f--king London or wherever." To make matters worse, she tweeted a link to the Business Insider article about the backlash she was receiving with "I'm famous yall."

According to Mitchell, her father had planned on taking her to visit Auschwitz, but unfortunately passed away a year ago. She claims that's the reason she was smiling, because the trip meant something to her. While I can't be certain, I don't imagine this is what her father had in mind.


Breanna Mitchell spoke on "TakePart Live” and stated that she has no regrets about her selfie.

"World War ll is the only thing that has ever interested me in history and it was his [her father] favorite part of history… and whenever I graduated they said they would take me out of the states — wherever I wanted. And he died one year prior to that photo," said Breanna. "I don't even know how it [the selfie] even escalated because that picture was there a month before. And no one has said anything to me about it. Then I literally woke up one morning and I had a thousand things on my phone — notifications. I've had death threats. I've had people telling me I need to kill myself."

Still, she claims she'd do it all over again. "Honestly I don't think I would do anything differently just because I didn't mean any harm. And I've told everyone my story behind it. So that's the only reason why I don't regret taking it," Breanna said.

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