The 1975's 'Guys' Is A Tearjerker About Friendship

Matty Healy looks back on the band sharing an apartment and playing a gig overseas

Notes on a Conditional Form, The 1975's sprawling fourth album, has never been closer to release than it is right now. After delays and setbacks, the gargantuan 22-track, 80-minute collection is finally due out on May 22, but if you've been following along, you've already heard nearly a third of it already. The band has released seven singles ahead of the release, ranging in styles from glimmering dream pop ("Me & You Together Song") to hardcore ("People") to — now, with new single "Guys" — something I have no choice but to call "friendcore."

Simply put, "Guys" is The 1975's love song to each other. It finds singer Matty Healy relaying a bunch of positive thoughts about his band mates, namely how their collective journey has been "the best thing that ever happened to me." He pines for their earlier days touring internationally and plugging in for the first time. But he's not wishing for them back; he's merely lighting a joint, reflecting back, smiling, and celebrating.

"The moment that we started a band / Was the best thing that ever happened," he sings. "You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me." The fact that "Guys" will end Notes on a Conditional Form coupled with the fact that all four members of the band have writing credits on the song makes it a warm feeling during a chilly time.

This is all in keeping with The 1975 of the past few years, which also celebrated self-actualization and positivity throughout 2018's A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. That album, led off with a song called "Give Yourself a Try," also soundtracked Healy's journey to sobriety.

"Self-love and being good to yourself and being a good person — that's like the cool stuff now!" Healy told MTV News then. "Being strung out and too stoned and not giving a fuck about anybody else is not a good vibe."

Fans have already reacted in kind, noting the song's status as a tearjerker.

Go listen of "Guys" above and let its positive friendcore overtake you. Don't mind me. That's not a tear — I, too, have just got smoke in my eyes.