Never Forget The Time Ariana Grande Took A Foursome Pic With Her 'Victorious' Co-Stars

a.k.a. when she totally, completely ruined your childhood

The Victorious cast is close — like, really, really close. One year ago on Saturday (August 13), Elizabeth Gillies shared a #TBT pic of herself with co-stars Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas III, and Matt Bennett gathered in bed — because co-stars who act together, uh, goof off together.

Gillies uploaded the pic without any context, simply calling it "Leon's first time!" All four actors' faces couldn't be a better combo of "childhood ruining" meets "hilarious perfection." Seriously, who looks more confused? (Or better question, who are you in this photo?)

After the pic was tweeted, Grande replied with an A+ pun.

Last week, Bennett reshared the pic and asked his BFFs how they should celebrate the "anniversary." We have some ideas, Matt.

1. Reenact it, but get your co-stars in on the action, too. (Yes, that includes Rex the puppet.)

2. Give us that proper Victorious finale we totally deserve.

3. Give us that Victorious reunion we've all been pining away for forever.

Please and thank you, fam.