Taylor Swift Named NYC Global Welcome Ambassador


Taylor Swift is now an ambassador for New York City. The singer revealed on "Good Morning America" Monday morning (October 27) that she'll represent the city for tourists.

"You learn a lot when you get here, and the cool thing about being named the Welcome Ambassador for Tourism -- which was the craziest, coolest thing -- is that I'm still learning," Swift said on "GMA." "But I'm so enthusiastic about this city that I feel like, when I love something, I'm very vocal about it, I'm vocal about it with my music. I just go around like, 'Everybody! New York is amazing!' So I think they just picked up on that and gave me a title.

In a clip from the campaign, Taylor schools us on the pronunciation of Houston Street, which, to out-of-towners, may sound like the city in Texas. Well, Tay tells us we're wrong.

Swift moved to NYC in May, buying a multi-million dollar apartment in SoHo. Since then, she's been begging friends like Selena Gomez to move to the city too. She's so stoked about her new home, in fact, that the first track on her new album, 1989, out today, is called "Welcome to New York."

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"New York was a huge landscape for what became this album. It's affected my life in ways I'm not even aware of yet fully."

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