Spacehog's Antony Langdon

"Based on the script I saw, it's an exploration of sexuality, using the model of

that time. Todd [Smith] being a gay filmmaker, it's also about what it was like to

be gay during this monumental time in the '70s when everybody came out. It

was fashionable to be androgynous, even for straight kids. It's all the same,

man, whether it was a boy or girl, and there's this metaphor for how everybody

closed down again with the onset of AIDS and people began to be so anti-gay.

It's a wonderful metaphor for all of that. I truly believe it's one of the best films of

1998. If the energy on the set is anything to go by, it will be brilliant." -- Antony

Langdon, Spacehog guitarist, on his contribution to the upcoming (fall) glam

drama "Velvet Goldmine" -- co-produced by R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe's film

company -- in which Antony and brother Royston have cameos.