Get Ready For The Dark Side Of Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liar is about to break out of her shell with her country debut.

reporting by Cory Midgarden

Have all of those secrets on "Pretty Little Liars" left you feeling conflicted about the Liars themselves? Did that controversial, Photoshopped to death GQ shoot sour you on the "realness" of the actresses who play them? Well, fear not, because Lucy Hale is poised to set the record straight on June 3, when her long-awaited debut album Road Between finally arrives.

"A lot of people know me as Aria from 'PLL,' but a lot of people don't know Lucy," Hale told MTV News. "They don't know my story, and the things that I've been through, and what I stand for. I think after listening to the album, they'll get a clear idea of who Lucy Hale is as a human being."

One thing that many of Hale's television devotees probably don't know is that this album -- an 11-track country-pop collection that features songs penned by Kacey Musgraves and former Whiskeytown member Mike Daly -- is a long time coming. Hale got her start as a singer back in 2003 when she placed in the top five on Fox's "American Juniors," then quickly changed paths when a move to Los Angeles found her booking acting gigs instead. Still, the Tennessee native never lost sight of what she truly wanted -- and the end result, she says, will expose her fans to sides of Lucy that had previously remained as hidden as the identity of A.

"I'm a pretty happy person in general and I've been told I'm bubbly and outgoing," Hale told Billboard. "But I think those are the type of people who have the darkest side to them. I think people are really surprised that I can go to those places and relate to those moments. There's a song called 'Nervous Girls' on the record -- that's a perfect example of saying 'it's okay to not be okay.' I grew up in L.A. as an actress and you're supposed to have it all together and you're not allowed to have a bad day, but I think with the songwriting process, it was cool to delve into those places I wasn't used to going. The darker, more dramatic side of me."

If Hale has this so-called dark side, does that mean that the actress could pull off the horror of being the Ultimate A? Don't rule it out!

"I think there's a whole underground following [of fans] that think that Aria could be A," Hale told MTV News. "They have some pretty good theories."

Check out Lucy's thoughts on Road Between and "Pretty Little Liars" below.

Road Between hits shelves on June 3; "Pretty Little Liars" returns to ABC Family on June 10.

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