Rick Ross Reveals Meaning Behind Diddy's 'MMM' Album Title

Rozay finally clears up what it all means.

How do you keep a bunch of rap fans in suspense? You do what Diddy (or is it Puff Daddy?) did and cryptically hashtag your album for months.

The Bad Boy CEO has been teasing his MMM album for some time now, without ever divulging what the three letters stand for, but on Tuesday (March 25) his buddy Rick Ross finally spilled the beans -- and it doesn't stand for Musical March Madness.

"He in the studio working on his new project Money Making Mitch," Rick Ross told Trace.TV in a short video clip on Tuesday (March 25).

The title is a reference to 2002 street drama "Paid in Full." The Dame Dash-backed film stars Cam'ron, Wood Harris and Mekhi Phifer, who plays Mitch, a fictional character based off 1980s Harlem drug dealer Rich Porter.

In a pivotal scene in the film Mitch confronts his drug-addicted uncle Ice, who throws out the Money Making Mitch, before the two exchange blows. Porter's street legacy is continually celebrated in rap music, so it makes sense that a Harlem-bred rap star like Diddy would choose to throw a nod to the fallen drug lord.

The first release off of Money Making Mitch is "Big Homie" an over-the-top brag-fest that also features Ross and French Montana. Turns out that in the song's second verse Diddy gave a hint to his album title and no one even noticed: "More '80s than the '80s n---a, I'm money Mitchin.' "

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