'The Voice' Welcomes Christina Milian To The 'Family'

'I'm kind of living through them all over again,' new social media correspondent tells MTV News of the contestants.

In addition to a brand-new crop of talent and potential future stars, NBC's hit singing competition "The Voice" has added a familiar face to its cast for season two: new social media correspondent [artist id="1163321"]Christina Milian[/artist].

When MTV News caught up with the singer/actress recently, she explained how she got the gig and how excited she is for the show to premiere on Super Bowl Sunday.

"I'm heavily involved on Twitter, have always been involved with my Internet fanbase and find that that's the best way to connect with the fans," Milian told us during a photo shoot for Hydrogen magazine. "I guess the people at NBC had their eye on me and they paid attention to it. I got a call one day and met up with everyone at NBC and the folks from 'The Voice,' and next thing you know, a week later, I'm signing a contract and the following week I'm working."

Milian had nothing but praise for her "Voice" castmates and the experience working on the show thus far.

"It's been fabulous. I've had fun working with the cast already," she said. "Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo, Carson Daly -- it's an awesome super team they have, and from day one, they treated me like family."

The "Dip It Low" singer said she loves that the show is about music and chasing your dreams and that she's enjoyed watching the coaches take time to work with and help their contestants.

"This show is about music, it's about talent, and it's about this passion and this dream of becoming a star," Milian said. "Still to this day, every day that I wake up, I have that same dream, so to be involved with the show, [it's amazing] to watch what they incorporate and how the coaches act as advisers and mentors to the artists and really truthfully help them and push them and want them to be the best so they can win.

"There have been so many moments where I've thought, 'That's me on that stage! I remember that time,' " she added of enjoying watching the contestants. "Or you see their family sitting on the side of the stage crying or excited or jumping up and down, just so happy for them to even be there, I've felt that before, so I'm kind of living through them all over again."

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