Mobb Deep Up For Jay-Z Collabo, Despite Past Beef

'It's just hip-hop, man,' Prodigy tells MTV News' 'RapFix Live.'

Time heals all wounds. After [article id="1451428"]Jay-Z and Mobb Deep squared off lyrically[/article] in 2001, it was hard to imagine that the rap titans would ever get to a place where they would even consider a collaboration.

Nothing is in the works, but after working with Roc Nation's Jay Electronica, Mobb Deep told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway that they'd be open to the idea of working with Hov.

"Tell [Jay-Z] to get in the studio," Prodigy said when he and his partner Havoc [article id="1673252"]appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live."[/article] "He gotta come to Infamous Studios in Queens, though."

Though the two acts threw quite a few barbs at each other, most notably on Jay-Z's "Takeover" and Mobb Deep's "Crawlin' " 10 years ago, Prodigy was recently featured on a track with Hov's signee Jay Electronica on his "Call of Duty" track.

On the song's hook, Prodigy even spits, "Put your diamonds in the sky, wave 'em side to side/ Get juxed for your shine," a double-sided lyric that evokes the spirit of a robbery and makes a play on Jay's diamond-shaped hand gesture that he throws up at all his shows.

Mobb Deep even recorded the song at Jigga's Roc Da Mic studios in Manhattan; they clearly harbor no ill will. After Electronica attempted to reach Prodigy on Twitter, the Queens MC got the word that the Hov protégé wanted to work alongside him. "I just got mad phone calls. I woke up late that morning, and everybody was blowin' me up like, 'Yo, Jay Electronica is trying to get in the studio right now,' " Prodigy recalled. "So we just went and knocked it out."

Mobb Deep also plan to get together with J. Cole, another Jay-Z signee. "I was on the phone with J. Cole like the next day, congratulating him on his album and all that," Prodigy said of his conversation with the Cole World MC. "We're supposed to be doing some work together too."

For Mobb Deep, it isn't about beef; instead, the duo are at a place in their careers where all they want to do is make quality tunes. "It's just hip-hop, man, making good songs. Everything else is irrelevant, man," Prodigy stated. "All the feelings and dudes wanna act feminine, put that to the side, man."

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