'Letters To Juliet' Star Amanda Seyfried Loves A Good Romantic Gesture

'I wouldn't kill for love, for sure, but I would do anything positive for love,' actress says.

VERONA, Italy -- Amanda Seyfried "would do anything for love," but she won't do that. And after getting that Meat Loaf song in our head, the [article id="1638029"]"Letters to Juliet" star[/article] revealed that much like her character, Sophie, she's a big believer in romantic gestures.

"I'd fly anywhere for somebody if I loved them," she told MTV News in the Italian city that inspired "Romeo and Juliet" as well as "Letters," which opens on Friday. "There are no boundaries. There are some things I wouldn't do. I wouldn't kill for love, for sure, but I would do anything positive for love. I would do it."

In the film, Sophie answers a 50-year-old letter a woman named Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) wrote to Juliet about her long-lost love and stuck in a wall where the lovesick appeal to Shakespeare's tragic character for help. Claire and her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan) soon fly to Verona and take Sophie along on a road trip to look for the man Claire lost touch with so many decades before.

Seyfried said she was drawn to the romantic flick because of Sophie's incredibly positive outlook on love. "That's another reason I liked the script, because I connected to that romance," the "Mamma Mia" star said. "She's not cynical. There's nothing cynical about her, and a lot of times in a romantic comedy, the lead character is pretty cynical about love. And she's not and I love that. [Charlie's] that guy. ... I'm glad it was him."

Would you ever make a big romantic gesture like in "Letters to Juliet"? Discuss it in the comments!

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