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Heidi Montag Gave Spencer Pratt A Brand-New Crystal For His Birthday

The pink kunzite is said to have stress-relieving power.

While on "The Hills," it wasn't expensive cigars or designer suits that Spencer Pratt would splurge on -- it was healing crystals. And his adoring wife, Heidi Montag, just helped him add a rather significant piece to his collection.

In honor of Spence's upcoming 31st birthday, Heidi, who recently returned to Los Angeles from a trip home to Colorado, gave her hubby a big, shiny kunzite crystal, and Spencer could hardly wait to gush over the gem on social media. "Early birthday present from @heidimontag #Kunzite!" he tweeted with the beauty below. Wonder if it'll fit on a chain...?

Spencer Pratt's Twitter


According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, kunzite is an aid in stress relief. "Kunzite is said to enhance a person's capacity for devotion and understanding and to bestow inner peace and joie de vivre on its wearer," the organization's site says. "And since it is also said to activate the mind and liberate us from worry and anxiety, it is an excellent gemstone for those suffering from strain or exam nerves." Guess he could have used it before finally graduating from college this spring!

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