Nina Dobrev Reflects On Her 'Beautiful' Last 'Vampire Diaries' Scene With Ian Somerhalder

Dobrev's last scene will make Delena fans very happy.

We're having a hard time processing that we're just two days away from watching Nina Dobrev's last episode of "The Vampire Diaries" ever. After six seasons and 133 episodes, Elena Gilbert's story is finally coming to a close -- and it's going to be an emotional roller coaster for fans, especially those hoping for Delena's happy ending.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of her last episode, Dobrev reflected on her last day on set in Atlanta and her "beautiful" last scene with Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore).

"My last scene was with Ian Somerhalder, and we were shooting a scene I can't talk about, outside, that was very beautiful," Dobrev said.

The beautiful moment, however, was interrupted by one last prank from the crew -- something that Dobrev, the on-set prankster, really enjoyed.

"I'm in a gown, we're outside somewhere, and the last shot, a camera operator came up and said there was something in my hair, was trying to help me, and then he pulled me into a bear hug so I couldn't escape, while the entire crew got a cake and whipped cream and dumped it all over my body," she said. "And they filmed it. And put confetti and a whole bunch of stuff [on me]. It was amazing. I couldn't have been happier for that to be my sendoff."

The actress also revealed that she spends a lot of her final hour "lying down" in the hospital. "I fell asleep a couple of times during takes because I had to pretend to be unconscious," she added.

Seeing as Elena was unconscious the last time we saw her in the penultimate episode, it sounds like not a lot has changed for her in the finale. Is this "beautiful" Delena scene just a figment of Damon's imagination? Or does Elena really pull through in time for a bittersweet farewell? Either way, we're already dreading saying goodbye.