Guillermo Del Toro Finds Religion In 'Frankenstein' Adaptation

When Guillermo Del Toro talks about his upcoming adaptation of “Frankenstein,” it’s like watching a man find religion.

You wanna know something funny? His monster’s gonna find religion too.

Speaking with MTV News about the project, Del Toro said that there were new, unexplored, ways to look at the story.

What does that mean? He confessed recently that his way in is to view “the creature as a lost child of Paradise,” he said.

As in, you know, The Paradise.

“I think that there are aspects to it which is the dialogue between the creature and the creator for example [that haven’t been fully explored],” he said.

Given the many adaptations of the novel, which by and large focus on the creature’s abhorrent personality over his inquisitive searching, it might be somewhat surprising to learn that Del Toro’s idea is more reactionary than revolutionary. Author Mary Shelley herself referred to the creature as the Biblical Adam. The novel’s subtitle is “The Modern Prometheus.”

Looks-wise, Del Toro’s vision also departs dramatically from pre-established tradition.

“It will be a completely different monster. If you want to get an inkling, I would love for Bernie Wrightson to design the creature,” he revealed. “If you know Bernie and know how he designs, that’s the creature I want to do.”

The question, though, is whether a philosophical Frankenstein is a good Frankenstein? What do you make of Del Toro’s reading? Your comments – they’re alive! Sound off below.

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