Nathan Kress And His Wife Celebrate Their First Anniversary With Disgustingly Sweet Messages

Cutest. Couple. Ever.

It seems like only yesterday the entire internet freaked out because Nathan Kress had brought several iCarly cast members together for a reunion at his wedding — and also because Freddie Benson got freakin' MARRIED. But, in fact, it's been an entire year.

On Tuesday (November 15), Kress and wife London celebrated their one-year anniversary, and the couple wrote beautiful messages to each other on Instagram, matched with gorgeous wedding pics.

Nathan sobbed all the happy tears when he saw his beautiful bride-to-be walk down the aisle a year ago: "As she got closer, it started to hit me more and more, with every passing step, that my actual soul-mate was about to bond herself to me for the rest of our lives. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world."

London's message was just as heartwarming and inspiring: "Don't let people tell you that marriage ties you down or holds you back, especially at a 'young' age. It has been the most beautiful [and fulfilling] thing to ever happen to us, and it has quite literally been easily the best year of my life, amidst the inevitable ups and downs."

The duo became engaged in 2015 after only four months of dating, but clearly that didn't matter in the end. "Nathan, love of my life, this is just the first of many years spent together," London wrote, "as best friends, lovers, and partners for life."

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