Get Amped On This Moistbreezy Mix

A producer on Skrillex’s label has the perfect high-energy dance music for your weekend

First impressions can be hard to shake for a DJ mix. The New York City–based producer Moistbreezy showed that she understands that point with a mix she put out earlier this month on Nest HQ, Skrillex’s free online imprint. She opens the set on an immediately engaging note with “Need U,” a euphoric track from 2012 by the Scottish producer Unicorn Kid, who’s more or less disappeared from the spotlight in the last two years after a run of great singles, mixes, and remixes inspired by late-’90s trance. That sweet, upbeat style carries through the rest of Moistbreezy’s mix, even as she finds room for tracks by maximalist electronic artists like Rustie (“Big Catzz”) and Liz, whose SOPHIE-produced “When I Rule the World” is a highlight. The mix also includes an untouched version of The Killers’ 2008 song “Human,” providing a light reprieve from techno dramatics as we consider the song’s ponderous question: “Are we human, or are we dancer?”

Much of the mix is devoted to Moistbreezy’s personal favorites (in an interview with Nest HQ, she mentions that she “can only hope Unicorn Kid makes a comeback”). But it finds its true stride in her own work, like an innovative “Full Moisture” remix of the title track from Kesha’s 2010 debut, Animal. Where the original was a glitter bomb of EDM pop, Moistbreezy reimagines the song as a happy hardcore classic, with an effect akin to pouring sugar packets into a bottle of Mountain Dew. And so the mix goes by in an overcaffeinated blink — just the kind of exciting ride promised by the pitched-up vocals that kick off Unicorn Kid’s “Need U” half an hour earlier.

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