Miley Cyrus Says She And Nick Jonas Have 'Reconnected'

Miley calls the young Jonas Brother her best friend, but doesn't say whether they are dating.

Almost immediately after news broke that [article id="1613544"]Miley Cyrus had split from boyfriend Justin Gaston[/article], speculation arose that she and her ex, Nick Jonas, have rekindled their romance. And the teens haven't done too much to discourage the rumors: On Thursday, photos of [artist id="2408193"]Miley[/artist] and Nick jet-skiing in Georgia emerged, and next Tuesday, their [article id="1613739"]duet, "Before the Storm,"[/article] will be available for public consumption on the JoBros' new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

So, are Miley and Nick back together? Well, when Miley spoke to radio station 107.5 The River in Tennessee, it seemed like the answer was a definite "kind of."

"He's my best friend, and we still hang out all the time, and we've definitely reconnected," she said when asked if it's weird to work with her ex. "And we don't know what's going to happen in the future, but right now we're just kicking it and hanging out as much as we can."

The pair started to ignite rumors when they were seen at lunch together a few months back. Miley further explained that the two have managed to put any old problems aside to focus on the future.

"We both just kind of saw each other again and kind of decided this whole thing was stupid and ... we all were over the separation," she said. "And our families are super happy that we're hanging out again."

When MTV News caught up with Nick Jonas earlier this week, he explained a bit about how Cyrus ended up on their new album.

"I think ['Before the Storm' is] probably one of my favorite songs, because it has a great story to it. It's a duet with Miley, which is great." The song didn't originally include Miley until Nick saw it as the perfect opportunity to record with his ex and to share their tale of young love with their fans. "It's a good thing that happened, and it'll be a good one to play live."

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