23 Times You Ugly Cried During 'A Walk To Remember'

🎶 Sing to me the song of the stars 🎶

Before Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters broke your heart in John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, there was Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter from Nicholas Sparks’s A Walk to Remember. The novel — Sparks’s favorite love story to write — debuted in 1999, and the film adaptation followed in 2002.

’90s pop star Mandy Moore and Shane West starred in the hit movie, which — as of today! — is officially streaming on Netflix. So break out the tissues, because it's time to rewatch this classic romance that made our prepubescent hearts soar.

When Landon jokes about dying

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“So, would it kill you to try?” Jamie asks Landon after play practice. He responds, “Yup, and I’m too young to die.”

The first time you watch A Walk to Remember, this offhand joke seems like no big deal. The second (and third and fourth) time you watch, it becomes eerily somber since you know Jamie’s secret: She’s dying from cancer.

When Jamie explains her one condition

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Jamie agrees to help Landon with his lines on one condition: “You have to promise you won’t fall in love with me.”

“That’s not a problem,” he responds, laughing. Again, there’s nothing remarkable about this conversation the first time you see it. But when you know the movie's ending, Jamie’s warning is ominous enough to get your tear ducts a bit worked up.

When Jamie sings “Only Hope”

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“Will you sing for me?” Landon says, nailing his lines in the school play. And sing she does. Jamie hits every high note of “Only Hope,” a song Switchfoot wrote for their album New Way to Be Human (1999). Moore covered it especially for the movie.

When Landon hears Jamie’s angelic voice, he starts falling for her, and they end the scene with a sweet kiss. So much for that promise not to fall in love with her.

When Landon’s ex plays a cruel prank on Jamie

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Belinda, Landon’s ex-girlfriend, is jealous of his budding relationship with Jamie. She retaliates by photoshopping Jamie’s face onto a bikini model’s body with the caption “Virgin Mary,” then circulating the image around school. Jamie is completely humiliated.

Landon sticks up for her, proving just how much he’s really into her.

When they’re in two places at once

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As part of their first official date, Landon helps Jamie cross off an item on her bucket list: Being in two places at once. He takes her to the state line, where she can have one foot in Virginia and the other in their home state of North Carolina.

When Jamie gets her first tattoo

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Another item on Jamie’s list is getting a tattoo, so Landon helps her apply a temporary tat of a butterfly.

These are both thoughtful gestures that kind of make your eyes fill up with happy tears, right? It’s really the closest you get to a happy cry in this movie.

When this happens

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“I might kiss you.” “I might be bad at it.” “That’s not possible.” 😭

When Landon tells Jamie he loves her

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“I told you not to fall in love with me,” Jamie responds. Damn it, Carter, SHE TOLD YOU SO!

When Jamie says she loves him!

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Jamie eventually confesses she loves Landon, too — only she tells her dad, not Landon.

“I love him,” she confidently states after her dad calls her “childish” and “sinful” for spending time with her boyfriend.

When Landon names a star after her

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This is still the best gift ever. “I love you,” Jamie finally tells Landon to his face.

OK, so I lied. Here’s your second happy cry. But seriously, don’t get used to it, because tragedy is coming.

When Jamie reveals her secret

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“I’m sick. I have leukemia.” “No, you’re 18, you’re perfect.” “No, I found out two years ago, and I’ve stopped responding to treatments.”

Get those tissues out, friends.

When Landon asks his dad for help

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Landon is so desperate to find help for Jamie, he drives out to his estranged father’s house. Even though Landon hates him, he’s a cardiologist, so maybe he and his doctor friends can magically cure her.

When they apologize to each other

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Jamie apologizes for not telling him sooner, while he apologizes for keeping her so busy.

“If anything, you kept me healthy longer,” she responds.

When Landon learns how to dance for her

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Aww, she’s wearing the cardigan he got her!

When Jamie faints

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No, no, no, no, noooooo.

When Landon never leaves her side

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When he’s not at the hospital, he’s building a bigger telescope for her so she can see that rare comet that’s coming ’round.

When Jamie’s dad explains why he was so strict

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“Honey, if I kept you too close, it’s because I want to keep you longer.” Sob.

When Belinda apologizes for the photoshopped flyers

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Now that she knows Jamie is sick, she feels bad about making fun of her. She tries to make up for it by giving Landon photos from the school play.

When Jamie gives Landon her late mom’s old journal

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This seems like an appropriate gift after someone names a star after you.

When Jamie leaves the hospital

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Landon’s dad pays for home care. He’s helping the only way he can.

When Landon proposes

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After watching the aforementioned comet, Landon asks Jamie to marry him.

When they get married!

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They marry in the church where Jamie’s mom grew up and her parents married — the number-one item on Jamie’s bucket list.

Then they embark on a “perfect” summer together “with more love than lots of people know in a lifetime” before she passes away with her “unfailing faith.”

When Landon returns four years after her death

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Four years later, Landon’s heading to medical school to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. He’s Jamie’s miracle, and he knows her “love is like the wind” — he “can’t see it, but [he] can feel it.”

OK, I’ll leave you alone to drown in your tears now. Happy Netflixing, everyone!

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