Earl Sweatshirt Brings Us Another Wild, Warbled Rap Song With 'The Mint'

And the extremely literal title of his new album

Earlier this month, Earl Sweatshirt dropped back into view — after a clever fake-out on Vince Staples's FM! — with the lucid, multicolored "Nowhere2go." We now know, thanks to a new Instagram post, that it was the proper beginning of a new era: Earl's new album, Some Rap Songs, is due out November 30.

To continue the celebration, he's dropped a tape machine-hissing word avalanche called "The Mint" with some help from New York rapper Navy Blue. Like "Nowhere2go," "The Mint" sounds liberatingly unfettered; more proof from Earl about what he's been thinking about during his time away.

"Lotta blood to let, peace to make, give a fuck about a check," Earl raps to wind down the creaky, piano-led track. He's bloodletting here, sure, but he's also backtracking and giving a little clarity about the past two years of his life, a time he said he spent depressed on "Nowhere2go." "Two years I've been missing, living life / You was wilding, every day was trash," he says.

Earl also unveiled the blurry cover art for Some Rap Songs and made the album available for pre-order on his website. You can check out the artwork below, then listen to the song above.

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