'Abduction' Star Lily Collins Talks Taylor Lautner Kiss

Trailer shows only a 'minor part' of steamy scene, the actress reveals in our Fall Movie Preview.

Lily Collins is just two years into her burgeoning film career, but the 22-year-old actress has already racked up an impressive collection of A-list co-stars, including Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. And, of course, "Twilight" hunk Taylor Lautner, who stars alongside Collins in the upcoming "Abduction."

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The action-thriller centers on Lautner's Nathan, who goes on the run with classmate Karen (Collins) to uncover his true identity after he discovers he's actually a missing child. In anticipation of the September 23 release, we called up Collins to chat about this latest action-packed role, doing her own stunts and ... that smooch with Lautner.

MTV: Where does your character, Karen, fit on the spectrum of damsel in distress to kickass heroine?

Lily Collins: We meet her in high school at the beginning of the story, and she's had some sort of awkward past with Nathan that is alluded to, and they're really awkward with each other at the beginning. She's [a] cheerleader-kind of popular girl in school. And through this school assignment, she's thrown into this crazy on-the-run journey with Nathan. And she starts out a young high school student and she grows into a woman quite fast during the story. She ends up kicking butt.

MTV: We've seen Lautner sliding down buildings and generally being badass in the trailer, but how physical was this role for you?

Collins: I get physical in the film but also use my surroundings and take note and use my mind to get out of things, like my female smarts.

I got to do pretty much all of my own stunts. Ever since [article id="1663658"]"Priest,"[/article] I've gotten really into stunt training. [article id="1663797"]For "Snow White,"[/article] it's been very intense fight training and fencing for a few months, but not for "Abduction." I didn't have training. I'd get to try things out a couple of times before we actually shot it. For me, I love just kind of diving into it. I don't mind if I'm bruised or bumped or whatever. I feel like the more bumps and bruises I get, the more into it I'm getting and the more real it's looking.

MTV: We have to talk about that hot train kiss between you and Taylor. You know MTV likes to give out Golden Popcorns for such things. Could you see "Abduction" scoring a Best Kiss honor at the Movie Awards?

Collins: [Laughs] Well, let's just say the trailer only shows a minor part of that scene. So I think when people see the entire scene and where it starts and where it ends, I think people will get a little bit more excited about the scene when they see the entire thing. It was a crazy, funny scene to shoot, and Taylor made everything very comfortable. We'll see what people say. Like I said, the trailer shows only a minor part of it.

MTV: Perhaps you just answered this next question, but what was your favorite scene to film?

Collins: [Laughs] No. [It's when] the house explodes and we have to jump into the pool and we have debris falling on us. We did a separate day when we filmed solely underwater because we're thrown into this pool, and the camera goes underwater and fire is everywhere. I'd never done something like that. You know, holding your breath for however long it was and having fire in the swimming pool we shot in and stuff falling on you, it was really so in the moment and energetic and very crazy to be shooting like that.

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