Chris Evans Says Iron Man Would Beat Captain America In A Fight

'Captain America' star opened up in rapid-fire Twitter session with MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

Though the world's attention is focused on [article id="1667239"]Chris Evans[/article] in anticipation of his turns as Captain America in "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "The Avengers," at heart Evans is just an average Joe who likes singing show tunes in the shower.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz set out to find the softer side of America's superhero during a rapid-fire Twitter session with him on Evans revealed that he prefers his eggs scrambled, has a celebrity crush on Salma Hayek and still gets starstruck around Michael Jordan.

But fans who submitted their Twitter questions wanted to know the real Chris Evans, the man that they would bring home to meet their parents. When asked whether he's a good date, Evans admitted that he has some pretty good moves for the ladies.

"Oh yeah, I'm a great date," he said with confidence. "Chivalry was a big thing in my household. If you didn't hold the door for a woman, my mother's going to knock your head in."

Considering his superhero background, questions quickly became comic book-based. Apparently Evans' favorite masked hero growing up was neither Captain America nor Johnny Storm, both of whom he's played on the big screen, but Spider-Man. At least he kept the answer within the Marvel family.

Evans again voted against his onscreen alter ego when asked whether Iron Man or Captain America would win in a fight.

"Unfortunately, probably Iron Man," he confessed. "I've got to be honest. I'm being real." Hopefully fans will get a chance to see that showdown once "The Avengers" hits the big screen.

The most important question of the bunch, though, ended up being the one with the most surprising answer. One Twitter follower asked Evans what song he likes to sing in the shower, but Evans was too embarrassed to give a direct answer.

"I grew up doing theater, so unfortunately it's probably going to be in the world of show tunes," Evans said with a laugh. When Horowitz prompted him to give up just one song he loves, the "Captain America" star refused. "It's bad. I can't even go any more than that," he said, but then let slip that he's a sucker for "Rent." Well, today for you, tomorrow for us, Chris!

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