Chris Brown Studied Parkour, Martial Arts For 'Takers'

'We use different acrobatics and flips and stuff,' singer/actor says.

If he were in singing mode, "Lamborghini Breezy" could have used his car to make a getaway. But as an actor in the film [movie id="359489"]"Takers"[/movie] (due Friday), [article id="1645147"]Chris Brown had to go through days of rigorous running[/article] through the streets of Los Angeles during a climactic chase scene, in which he flees from actors Jay Hernandez and Matt Dillon.

Brown's character, who is part of a group of bank robbers, leaps on top of cars, scales buildings and jumps through windows. And fans may also notice a hint of parkour movement in Brown's getaway tactics.

"It was funny because in the beginning, a couple of weeks prior to me being on-set and filming the movie, I was already training with my friends, doing parkour and some martial arts stuff," Brown recently explained. "We call it 'trickin'.' We use different acrobatics and flips and stuff. I always incorporate that in my dancing too. Being able to apply that to the movie was a step up on my entertainment value. It was great."

"I've never had to do so much running in my life," [article id="1644923"]Dillon said about the scene[/article]. "For that sequence, we were just, like, four days straight, just running through the streets, and this kid Chris is an unbelievable athlete. This guy Chris Brown, he's unbelievable, man. So keeping up with him was a challenge even in itself, which was perfect for our characters."

Chris says that for the most part, when you look at the stunts he does in the film, you won't be looking at some stuntman.

"A big muscle dude with a different-shape head," he joked of what his stuntman would look like. "For the most part, it was all me.

"The most thrilling part about this movie is probably the stunts," he said on the set. "I do, like, 96 percent of my stunts. Some stunts they wanna use the doubles; I don't wanna use the double! And they're like, 'We have to for safety and insurance issues.' I think the most exciting parts are the stunts, getting to blow stuff up, shoot guns, you know what I'm saying. It's all fun!"

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