'Trouble With The Curve' Let Justin Timberlake Show His Water-Treading Chops

Actor tells MTV News that filming the first-kiss scene with Amy Adams let him show off one of his secret skills.

Ask Justin Timberlake to summarize his experience working with Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams in "The Trouble With the Curve," in which he plays a player-turned-scout who takes a liking to Eastwood's onscreen daughter (Adams), and he'll get all dreamy-eyed and wax poetic about what a great film family they created during filming.

"Going back to the world of making the movie with Clint, there's not really a word to describe it," Timberlake told MTV News recently. "But also with Amy, it was very familial. The thing that I love about it most is that it's moving along at a pace that feels [light] and then it goes deeper, you get more on the plate than you paid for."

Now ask Adams about her experience during filming, particularly a scene in which she and Timberlake have to tread water in a lake while having their characters' first steamy kiss, and she'll admit she wasn't much of a team player in that particular moment.

"There was a take I thought I was going to drown him on. I was like, 'You're stronger than me, you're holding us up,' " she recalled. "We did have a platform [to stand on] for the close-ups but the stuff that is wider we were treading water. Justin is very good at treading water because I was certainly not holding my own weight, he did a good job," she said. "I think it looks like two people who are just trying to keep each other above water."

In learning of Adams' high praise of his water-treading abilities, Timberlake is glad he gets to show people another finely honed skill in his arsenal.

"A lot of people don't know that about me, I'm glad that we're talking about it right now. I tell people that all the time, 'You don't understand how good I am at water treading,' " he joked. "I feel good that I got to show my chops. Did [Amy] tell you how cold the water was? She obviously blocked it out of her memory but I almost got hypothermia. Seriously, that is not an exaggeration. It was cold."

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