13 Times Cisco Ramon Was The Realest Member Of Team Flash

First thing's first, he's the...

Tonight (May 19), after months of exhilarating plot development and enough running to wear out at least three cosmic treadmills, "The Flash" will air its first season finale. And while we're totally psyched to see what happens once Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) maybe-definitely goes back in time to save his mother, we're also currently in a state of mourning, because we won't get to see Carlos Valdés' phenomenal, scene-stealing Cisco Ramon until next fall.

Whether he was coming up with badass nicknames, making Team Arrow more relatable just by being in his presence, or quoting our favorite movies and TV shows, Cisco was always the realest person on "The Flash." Here are some of his greatest instances of realness:

When he got all up in Oliver Queen's man-cave...


As we all learned last fall, nothing livens up Starling City quite like a visit from Cisco... even if Oliver Queen gets a little miffed at his eager-beaver line of questioning.

"We want to see the Arrow Cave... I want to see the toys... I need to see the toys... do you guys have an Arrow-mobile?"

... And then metaphorically crapped all over it.


Hey, someone needed to take that handsome billionaire down a peg.

When he watched the same TBS marathon we did.

The CW


Every millennial, whether they admit it or not, mentally compares on-and-off relationships to Ross and Rachel. Cisco just has the verbal balls to say it out loud.

Whenever he joyfully revealed his latest nickname.


... But especially Weather Wizard, as that one had been circulating for a while.

When he put bullies in their place.


A-holes are a-holes, but Cisco knows that you shouldn't let their words hurt you -- instead, just marvel at how internally effed up they must be to be treating other people so terribly.

When he used movies to explain life's greatest issues.

Pro tip: When explaining difficult scientific concepts, a little "Back to the Future" goes a long, long way.

When he geeked out over meeting superheroes.


... Despite being on a superhero show.

When he somehow made said superheroes more likable just by being in his presence.

The CW


This is entirely the fault of "Arrow"'s shaky third season and not a dig on the Canary overall, but kudos to Cisco for making Laurel fun and lovable for the first time since... well...

Let's just say "Arrow" needs to find itself a Cisco (or a non love-ridden Felicity) ASAP.

When he focused on what was truly important.


The spiders. I can't stop thinking about Barry eating spiders.

When he became a solid rock for Caitlin.

The CW


There are some great male-female friendships on "The Flash," but Barry's relationship with definitely Iris and arguably Caitlin are imbued with a deeper, decidedly more romantic meaning. Cisco and Caitlin, on the other hand, have grown into quite a platonic pair -- she's leaned on him after all of that business with Ronnie, he's leaned on her when he's had to deal with his family... overall, it's a great dynamic to watch, and a giant "f-you" to dudes who won't stop yakking about the "friend zone." Friendship is great, guys.

When he was the first one smart enough to suss out Wells.


Sure, Cisco sussing out Wells resulted in his darkest-timeline death, but still. We're proud of our boy for figuring out what was right there in front of them before the bioengineer and the CSI expert.

When he utilized the Force.

We're feeling that quote, Cisco.

And finally, when he let the world know that The Flash was the coolest superhero in town.



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