'Life With Derek' Star Michael Seater’s New Film Deals With Teenage Anxiety And The Apocalypse

Watch the exclusive trailer for ‘Sadie’s Last Days on Earth’

When you’re a teenager, any little thing can feel like the end of the world. But in Sadie’s Last Days on Earth, a high school girl prepares for the apocalypse — literally. Michael Seater, best known for playing Derek Venturi on Life with Derek, wrote and directed the new film that tackles teenage angst and the struggles of growing up.

Sadie’s Last Days on Earth follows Sadie Mitchel (Morgan Taylor Campbell) as she vows to complete her to-do list before the apocalypse draws near — except she’s the only one who believes it’s coming. “For a while I had been mulling over modern teenage anxiety as the theme for a film, but I didn’t know exactly how to tackle it,” Seater told MTV News about the film. Watch the exclusive trailer below.

“And then one day,” Seater continued, “I was hanging out with Lauren Collins [from Degrassi: The Next Generation] and Paula Brancati [Seater’s film partner who plays Connie in Sadie’s] and Lauren looked at me and said, ‘I have an idea for a film: a teenage girl who’s terrified of the apocalypse,’ and boom! It all fell into place. It was the perfect metaphor for all the stresses and pressures of life in high school.”

Seater also revealed John Ralston, who played dad George on Life with Derek, has “a very odd and hilarious cameo” in the film. Between directing Ralston, his TV stepsister Ashley Leggat in People Hold On, and his TV stepmom Joy Tanner in Sly Cad, Seater is slowly making his way to directing the entire Venturi-MacDonald household. Check out the exclusive trailer above and learn more about the film here.

Sadie’s Last Days on Earth will premiere in both U.S. and Canadian theaters on December 9, 2016.

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