Taking Aim: These 'War Of The Worlds' Vets Choose Their No. 1 'Challenge' Target

Shocker, Wes picked Bananas

Every Challenge season is an opportunity to start anew. But a bunch of the War of the Worlds Veterans, who will begin their quest to finish atop the podium beginning on February 6, have old grudges and, hence, some targets on the brain. Amanda, for one, has trouble picking just one person to call out.

"I have like three number-one targets -- I can't even choose between all of them," the Are You the One? alum confesses in the clip below. "Obviously, I need to get Zach out because he cost me $1 million with his temper tantrum from Final Reckoning."

So who are her other two choices? Does Zach call her out as his main aim -- or are there other players he is eyeing? And how does Wes describe his reason for wanting to oust his longtime rival Johnny Bananas? Watch the players dish on their picks, share who you would go after if you were actually in the game and do not miss the premiere of The Challenge: War of the Worlds on Wednesday at 9/8c!

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