Bushwick Bill Dedicates Album To Slain Prosecutor

Houston rapper Bushwick Bill has dedicated his latest album, "No Surrender... No Retreat" to the memory of his slain friend and former prosecutor, Fort Bend County Assistant District Attorney Gil Epstein.

Epstein, a fan of hip-hop and rap music, was assigned to the artist's marijuana possession case in 1996, where the two became close after he offered up advise to the Geto Boy about how to turn his life around. Epstein was gunned down later that year during an attempted robbery outside the Jewish community Center in Houston. His killer, 24-year-old Marcus Cotton, is currently on death row.

Bushwick Bill also wrote the song, "Let Da Rain Come Down" for the prosecutor, one of the few clean tracks on the explicit lyrics-laden album. Also, two photos of Epstein are featured inside in the album's cover art, one of which is his from his attorney's badge.

As for the marijuana possession case which brought the two together, it was dismissed after Epstein got the rapper to give motivational

talks at local high schools.