Nick Jonas Talks 'Dynamite' Bromance With John Stamos

'He's everybody's Uncle Jesse,' singer/actor jokes to MTV News about 'Full House' alum.

[artist id="3454571"]Nick Jonas[/artist] is currently playing Finch, the lead role in [article id="1674228"]Broadway's "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,"[/article] following in the footsteps of an elite group of singers and actors, including Matthew Broderick, Ralph Macchio and, most recently, [article id="1676985"]Darren Criss and Daniel Radcliffe[/article].

But Jonas finds himself channeling a few other actors -- one of whom he happens to be besties with -- for his performance.

"I'm a big fan of Bobby Morse; he was the original, and he was in the movie. I love his work in the movie," he said, before joking, "I obviously didn't get to see him when he was Finch in the '60s. But I really loved his performance [in the movie], and John Stamos is a friend of mine and also played this role back in 1995."

In case you're wondering how Stamos and Jonas know each other, they both appeared in [article id="1665464"]"Hairspray" at the Hollywood Bowl[/article] last year and have stayed in touch since.

"He came and saw the show and overall is a pretty hilarious guy," Jonas said. "So it's been fun, and I hope that I can meet Bobby Morse one day. Stamos actually sent me a picture of he and Bobby Morse to kind of rub it in my face, so I'm a bit jealous.

"[Me and] Stamos? It's like dynamite," Jonas continued of their bromance. "We watch a lot of YouTube videos. We talk about music quite a bit. He's a big music fan. He's a really good dude. He's been really kind through the whole process, because he played the role. He knows what it takes to do it. [It's a] cool older-brother type vibe in that sense. He's everybody's Uncle Jesse."

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